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 About  Linde
Training and NDGANZ
My training was with non other than NZ's Top Master Dog Groomer of NDGANZ, Val Goode. After qualifying I spent 11 successful years in my own Dog Grooming Parlor in County Road Torbay, which I sold  in March 2007. After 6mths rest I went on to help Krista Johnston of the wonderful and famous Barkley Manor in Grey Lynn as a Consultant to help set up a new Dog Grooming Parlour which along with the Day Care section has hugely and successfully just grown and grown  over the past 2 years and involved my training staff in grooming to expand the business.
Award Winner in Shows
I groom show dogs and have been hugely successful in helping Soft Coated Wheatens to win Awards and Best in Show, Best in Group, or Best in Breed in the National NZ Dog shows, but I also style just the normal family dog of all breeds and Designer Dogs
Breed Cuts, Make-overs, Designer Styles
My 14 years experience in Grooming  have taught me skills and techniques to offer you a style to suit you and your Baby's (Dogs) lifestyle.  My Clients are predominantly from the larger Auckland area but surprisingly, well beyond, just to get that special professional groom.   I have made a mark for my specialised styles over the years to suit all breeds.  I always go just that extra mile to make your cute Baby (Dog) look even cuter and youthful looking.  So why not try my Yuppy Puppy Cut, Teddy Bear Clip, Ponsonby Westie Dave Clip, Lamb clip with Yuppy Puppy Head and Teddy Bear Legs.
I can discuss options of styles or am happy to make-over your baby to your choice of style. It can be as flamboyant or conservative as YOU wish. I can style a Traditional or Non Traditional cut to your request and wish. All this in a calm, peaceful and fun, cage free environment with comfy beds and toys for your Baby to play with while socialising with other dogs before and/or after their groom while waiting for their Care-giver.
Holistic Care for your Dog comes first
Dogs are my absolute passion and so I offer and enjoy a holistic approach to grooming.  Guess what?  Your Baby comes first!   It is SO important to me that your Baby has a pleasant stay and enjoys all the pampering of a special medicated antifungal, antibacterial shampoo with lavender to soothe the skin and Jasmin to condition the coat, I have natural pyrethrum flee and tick rinse.  I clean out the fur under their paws, clip their nails, pluck and clean ears, check glands, shampoo and blow dry, and then the fabulous styling to suit you, your baby, and both your lifestyles that has that WOW! factor and to finish off with a soft delightful cologne leaving your baby, regardless of age, feeling absolutely beautiful, clean, excited, proud, uplifted with a youthful energy. 
Free Health checks
I can offer you free health checks, as while I am grooming your Baby (Dog), I get to see every inch of their body, and quickly pick up any ear, teeth, or skin problems, wounds, sore joints etc.,  and will inform you and may recommend Vetenarian Care before the problem worsens. I say the longer a problem lasts the longer it takes to remedy the fact which means saving you money in the long run while caring about you and your Baby's(Dog's) comfort and healthcare by reducing their suffering..
Medicated Anti Fungal Anti Bacterial Shampoo
I have found that if any dog has a reaction to my gentle Medicated shampoo then this dog will already have some pre-existing allergy usually caused by, diet, infection, flees, grass pollen or genetic reason and therefore you may have to purchase a perscription or special shampoo that is only available from Vets such as Sebolyse, Phyoseb, Malaseb, Oatmeal etc.
My method of drying is therapeutic and releases dead fur making your baby feel absolutely light fluffy, refreshed and full of the joys of life.
My Dog Grooming & Styling business  is based on the belief that our customers' needs are of the utmost importance. I am absolutely committed to meeting those needs. As a result, a high percentage of my business is from repeat customers and referrals.
I would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service in the industry.
ALTERNAITIVE GROOMERS.......... Contact Paw Hub 376 5649.Barkley Manor 376 8622 or Barking Mad 478 7066

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